Photography Quote of the Week Ansel Adams 5

Photo Courtesy of Wiki Commons Photo Courtesy of Wiki Commons

“To the complaint, ‘There are no people in these photographs,’ I respond, There are always two people: the photographer and the viewer.”
― Ansel Adams

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Fabulous photos

I live to take pictures as Ebor Images and love to be behind the camera capturing beautiful countryside, exciting moments and people enjoying life! To see some of EBOR Images work please visit or visit us on our facebook site. We would love to like our work with environmental topics more and more, and we welcome your ideas.

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Drawing with a Camera Lucida

Interesting read for any photographer or artist 🙂

Echoes from the Vault

Back before the days of photography, society relied on the ‘artist’s impression’ to see people they would never meet or places they would never go. Artists used drawing aids such as mirrors, prisms, lenses, and camera obscuras (Latin for dark room, although strictly speaking the plural should be camerae obscurae) to fine-tune their craft. In 1808 William Wollaston invented and patented the camera lucida which became very popular, very quickly. The camera lucida (Latin for light room), is simply a brass stand with a prism and a few lenses.

01 Brass Camera Lucida in carying case, ca. 1860's_1 Brass Camera Lucida in carying case, ca. 1860’s

The camera lucida is still being used today, albeit by a select few who can get their hands on one (see note below). While seeking inspiration for yet another blog, I happened to stumble upon (not literally of course) ‘Forty Etchings, from sketches made with the Camera Lucida, in North America…

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Climate change unfortunately in action

In Alaska thousands of walruses have been forced to crowd on to a beach due to disappearing sea ice. The ice can be seen by satellite and is one of the smallest expanses ever seen.

If this declining summer sea ice isn’t evidence of climate change I don’t know what is!

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Pacific Ocean Marine Reserve expanded

Some good news today – President Barack Obama has signed a memorandum to expand a vast marine reserve in the Pacific Ocean. Being a marine biologist I am particularly interested in this!

The area called the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument will become the biggest area of marine protected areas in the world.
The memorandum bans environmental impacts such as  commercial fishing, deep-sea mining in a bid to protect the oceanic resources in the reserve.

The Pacific reserve area is located between Hawaii and American Samoa and includes many islands atolls and reefs, many of which are condidered pristine. It covers 1.2m sq km.

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Hello from a wordpress virgin

A quick hello from me, Emma.  I am complete newbie to this world of blogging and am eager to learn, share my thoughts, join with like minded people and generally network using the amazing world wide web!!  My topics will be linked to my passion for the environment and all things environmental, also related to health matters too.  I am going to have to learn pretty quick how to blog, tag, categorize and generally manage my account – but I thought posting something/anything now is a good way to start – just to introduce myself and allow me to familiarize myself with this new ‘virtual world’.  So I shall sign off now and plan to be back to add to my blog very very soon 🙂

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