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I am a marine biologist and keen on all things wild and natural. I work in the environment sector and have a passion for photography enabling me to capturing natures beauty. I love to travel and love to share my interests with others. I feel health links closely to environment - clean environment, better health so my site aims on linking the two.

Photography Quote of the Week Ansel Adams 5

Photo Courtesy of Wiki Commons “To the complaint, ‘There are no people in these photographs,’ I respond, There are always two people: the photographer and the viewer.” ― Ansel Adams

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Fabulous photos

I live to take pictures as Ebor Images and love to be behind the camera capturing beautiful countryside, exciting moments and people enjoying life! To see some of EBOR Images work please visit or visit us on our facebook … Continue reading

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Drawing with a Camera Lucida

Originally posted on Echoes from the Vault:
Back before the days of photography, society relied on the ‘artist’s impression’ to see people they would never meet or places they would never go. Artists used drawing aids such as mirrors, prisms,…

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Climate change unfortunately in action

In Alaska thousands of walruses have been forced to crowd on to a beach due to disappearing sea ice. The ice can be seen by satellite and is one of the smallest expanses ever seen. If this declining summer sea … Continue reading

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Pacific Ocean Marine Reserve expanded

Some good news today – President Barack Obama has signed a memorandum to expand a vast marine reserve in the Pacific Ocean. Being a marine biologist I am particularly interested in this! The area called the Pacific Remote Islands Marine … Continue reading

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Hello from a wordpress virgin

A quick hello from me, Emma.  I am complete newbie to this world of blogging and am eager to learn, share my thoughts, join with like minded people and generally network using the amazing world wide web!!  My topics will be … Continue reading

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